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Brooklyn Smile offers dental implants in the Brooklyn area as solutions for people who have missing teeth and want to regain their smile and normal functioning of their teeth. Dr. Gary Herskovits recommends dental implants when there is a threat of bone loss.

The implant, which is actually a titanium screw, is placed securely in the jaw to establish a new root. Two additional elements, an abutment and crown are also part of the process of placing a dental implant. The abutment, or post as it is often called, is added to support the final crown that will look like a natural tooth.

Why should you consider a dental implant at Brooklyn Smile? There are actually several reasons, including the following:

  • The Brooklyn dental implants team is skilled and professional, often able to complete the implant in JUST ONE VISIT.
  • The dentist in Brooklyn office uses advanced technology
  • Dr. Herskovits takes time to ensure his dental patients receive the best care and attention

Dr. Herskovits typically completes the process for a dental implant in one step. He will first need to determine if you are an ideal candidate for a dental implant. This is determined by the overall condition of your oral health, the location of the missing tooth or teeth, and how much bone tissue is available in the surrounding area.

An examination of your mouth will give him much of the information he needs. He may request an x-ray and ask you to complete a survey of your medical history.

Once it is determined that dental implants are a good solution for your missing teeth, the Brooklyn dentist office will schedule an appointment to secure the implant. This is a surgical procedure that typically involves an injection of both a local anesthetic to numb the area and a sedative to relax you during the procedure.

After the dental implant is secured in place, some time is needed (about three months) for your gums to heal and to assimilate the implant with the existing bone in your jaw.

Dental implants in Brooklyn

With dental implants, your mouth will look and feel very natural.


Dental Implants – Components

There are two elements to a dental implant: the dental implant itself and the false, custom tooth that is attached to the implant. The treatment for a Brooklyn dental implant usually takes a couple of visits. During the first visit, the Brooklyn dentist will insert the dental implant into the jawbone.

Dental Implants Brooklyn Procedure

The Brooklyn dentist will undertake the dental implant treatment after administering a local anesthetic. Along with receiving information about how to care for the dental implant, the office will also give instructions to come back to the Brooklyn dentist in for the second part of the implant procedure. A few months are necessary to allow time for your gums to heal and for mouth adjustments to be made to the implant.

Dental Implants Brooklyn NY

The dental implant is placed in the jawbone with a metal post.

A lab will create the custom tooth while your gums are healing. This custom tooth is placed on top of the dental implant. Once the procedure is complete, very little maintenance is required of the implant.

The Brooklyn dentist will ask that you schedule follow-up dental appointments to see if any adjustments are necessary for the implant.

Concerned about what to expect with a dental implant? Don’t hesitate to call Brooklyn Smile for more information at (718) 635-4646 , the best NYC dental implants. There are multiple New Patient Specials located HERE!

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